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Philosophy | Sweet Paw Dog Training - Wilmington, DE
My training philosophy stems from the mounds of research that teach us that using positive reinforcement training to teach your dog isĀ the best approach for both you and your pooch. Food lures are typically the go-to method for training commands, but toys, praise, and belly rubs can be used as well. While some people may refer to this as “tricks for treats” in a negative way, it’s much different than bribing.
I’ve also learned over the years that there is no one method that is best for all dogs and that we often find ourselves in unique situations that require out-of-the-box thinking. I will work with my human and canine clients to utilize the training equipment that works best for their situation. But most importantly, no matter what tools we use, I always include treats, praise, and love to teach your pup that training can be fun and effective.

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