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Dog Walking In And Around Wilmington, DE

one2onetrainingimageIf you’re looking for a reliable adult to come walk your pooch, look no further. Don’t leave this job in the hands of a student who may not always show up or who may have a changing schedule. Dogs get bored, and bored dogs need to be walked when you can’t get home during the day. I’ve seen under-exercised dogs develop issues like destructive chewing, barking, and sometimes even depression. Luckily there is a lot we can do to prevent those issues, one of the simplest being providing our dogs with a chance to potty, ample physical exercise, and mental stimulation each and every day!

Because we have four distinct seasons here in Delaware, heat stroke and hypothermia are VERY real risks for dogs, but they are simple conditions to prevent. If I get to your house and I feel it’s too hot or too cold for your dog to be walking outside, I will instead provide him with a quick potty break and 20 minutes of indoor mental stimulation to tire him out.

If you would like to schedule a time for me to come over and take your dog out, send me a message and let’s chat! I have a 5-walk minimum and sell walking packages of 5 walks for $100 or 10 walks for $200. These are purchased upfront before walking starts.

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