Do you want YOUR DOG to be the best companion for you and your family?

Hi, my name is Heather Skelly,

I work with people who want their dogs to become loyal, well-behaved family members.profile

My training is meant for people who are ready to tackle the issues that hold them back from having the best relationship with their dog

I help to stop simple and complicated behavior issues such as:

  • unwanted barking
  • leash pulling
  • jumping up on guests
  • counter surfing
  • unwanted digging
  • destructive behavior and much more…

I teach all obedience commands such as:  sit, stay, down, watch, place, drop it, heel, come when called, and more.

As someone who cares – no, loves dogs, my first priority whether I’m helping you train your dog or simply taking him out for walks, is to make sure that your dog is treated with love, respect, and compassion. I believe in making training fun for both the dogs and their humans.

Several years ago I graduated with an honors certification from Animal Behavior College, a specialist dog training school in Northridge, California. Years later I’ve honed that deep understanding of dogs not only at the behavioral level – as most trainers understand them – but also psychologically: how they think, feel, and develop connections and a sense of love toward humans. This understanding has helped shape my approach into one of compassion and care that I use with every single dog.

My Training Philosophy

My training philosophy stems from the mounds of research that teach us that using positive reinforcement training to teach your dog is the best approach for both you and your pooch. Food lures are typically the go-to method for training commands, but toys, praise, and belly rubs can be used as well. While some people may refer to this as “tricks for treats” in a negative way, it’s much different than bribing.

I’ve also learned over the years that there is no one method that is best for all dogs and that we often find ourselves in unique situations that require out-of-the-box thinking. I will work with my human and canine clients to utilize the training equipment that works best for their situation. But most importantly, no matter what tools we use, I always include treats, praise, and love to teach your pup that training can be fun and effective.

These Are The Areas I Service

My main service area is limited to a 15-mile radius of Wilmington, DE, 19801. If you’re outside of that area and would still like my help, I’d be happy to assist you for my normal rate plus a small travel fee that is calculated based on distance.



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